Proverbites: “Wisdom Has A Voice!” ….Chris Ehidiamen

Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?
Proverbs 8:1

One of my discoveries is the truth that wisdom has a voice. When you discover and understand this truth, it is going to give you maximum advantage in life. Wisdom has a voice. A wise person is one who can discern and hearken to the voice of wisdom.

The wisdom of God said…
Luke 11:49

In this verse of the scripture, we meet a speaking wisdom. Wisdom is saying something. It is important we take time to develop our “hearing”. Not just hearing with the ears, but hearing with the heart. God is always speaking to our heart. He is always guiding and promoting us… If we silence the outside voice, if we learn to shut down the noise from the external realm, and if we shut down the noise within our soul, then we will begin to hear what wisdom is instructing us to do.

A lot of people have made their five senses their guide. Wisdom does not speak in that realm. Others have given the leader’s seat to their mind and emotion. Wisdom does not converse with you in that realm either. Wisdom speaks to your heart. Wisdom converse with you in the inner recesses of your being.

If you don’t listen you won’t hear. It is important you train your inner ears.

From time to time separate yourself from a busy life in order to go listen…

Wisdom has a voice. Wisdom is speaking. Listen, pay attention. Obey! Practice listening.

Be intentional about it. Let the voice of wisdom guide you.





Chris Ehidiamen, (Dallas, Texas)

Chris Ehidiamen is a minister of the gospel, a teacher of the Word with the apostolic mandate to set God’s people free by the undiluted Word of God. 


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